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Achieve operational agility without putting product quality and plant productivity at risk

The adoption of digital manufacturing solutions with advanced planning, execution, and analysis capabilities delivers productivity and flexibility improvements. 

This allows manufacturers to ensure the efficient and compliant execution of their operational plans on time and in full, with transparency and traceability of the finished goods in a much more dynamic environment.

AVEVA's manufacturing operations solutions align people and processes with advanced digital technologies for a cost-effective and consistent approach to productivity, reliability, and business agility; as well as visibility into plant operations across a company's network.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Create production plans that are feasible to meet business goals with advanced planning and scheduling capabilities.

Digital Manufacturing Execution

Execute on the plan to deliver on time and in full by connecting and empowering workers with access to the production schedule and assigned  work tasks, with situational awareness of plant process and asset status, dashboards and drill down analyses, and skills and knowledge  management tools anywhere, anytime.

Data-Driven Optimization

Continuously improve operational performance, asset reliability, and sustainability of production processes with Advanced Analytics, AI, and  Machine Learning.

Learn how AVEVA manufacturing operations solutions can help you minimize waste and loss, ensure quality and compliance, improve agility and resilience, and increase productivity:

Improving the link between the plant and supply chain offers businesses more options to respond to demand or disruption by looking holistically across the value chain. 

How can you maintain agility while adjusting to numerous disruptions beyond incremental market changes?

Today's challenges require manufacturing operations and supply chain to collaborate in new ways. Learn more about the AVEVA solutions that make this possible.

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