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AVEVA Operations Control 2023

Empower your team with an operations control solution from edge to enterprise.

Operations control 2023 is the first major release of the combined software portfolio that offers comprehensive capabilities to drive beyond HMI/SCADA and achieve greater efficiency and workforce collaboration through holistic operations control.

The 2023 release focuses on worker empowerment. It improves teams' ability to connect to the information they need when and where it makes sense. 

3 Core Packages



Common Components

Optional Add-Ons

Guided Analytics

  • AVEVA Insight, Guided Analytics

AVEVA Operations Control brings the software your teams need to operate at their best. Read the brochure to learn how providing your users with actionable information drives better decisions in real time.

Consider the unique perspectives of edge, supervisory, and enterprise users leveraging the different tools and strategies advanced operations control software entails.

Experience a day in the life of AVEVA Operations Control users to understand how operations teams interact with the solutions throughout their daily activities.

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